Saturday, February 10, 2018

Happy Hearts

After all the Christmas decor is removed, the house seems bare and I actually like that for a few weeks,

but I love that Valentine's Day is the next holiday.

I don't decorate every room, but I have a fun bringing out all my happy hearts.

I'll admit to going a bit overboard in the kitchen,

but the head chef has not complained.

And I will also admit to constantly tweaking things on the shelves.

The guest room has the most Valentine decor -

too bad no guests are scheduled for February.

It's left for me to enjoy

all the Valentine touches.

A little Valentine table setting from last night

will remain until the asparagus fern looks shabby.

I even tucked a few hearts here and there in the garden.

How about you,

are hearts popping up around your house?

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Friday, February 2, 2018

flowers . . . flowers . . . flowers . . .

One goal for 2018 that I did not put in writing is to work on my photography.

I would love to take a photography class at the local college, but the courses last 18 weeks and as a new grandmother, I hope to be out of town several days a month visiting this little munchkin.

So, I am simply playing around with my camera and flowers seem to be my focus.

Just as I prefer color in my decorating, I am always looking for something colorful to photograph.

 I love this post in the garden and if I stood at the right angle, the rose bush appeared to be right in front of it.

I zoomed in and to my surprise, when I edited the photo, I noticed a delicate cobweb.

I've been trying my hand with floral arranging and then playing around with different shots.

I had a lot of fun creating this arrangement in a cute little teacup and really like how the shot turned out,

but Steve said the teacup on that stump was the winner.

 As I was leaving a shop that I visit way too much, my eye caught this brick wall in the parking lot for the first time.

A few days later I bought some Trader Joe's flowers and went back to take a photo with that great wall.

And on that visit, I spotted this cute little house right across the street from the shop - I'm a sucker for picket fences.

January felt like spring and February is shaping up the same way so we've been spending lots of time outside with the flowers.

 Saturday you will find me in the garden because I went a little crazy with the flowers at the nursery.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

2018 Goals

January is nearly over so I decided I had better write my "2018 Projects" post before February arrives - I like writing my goals on the blog because it holds me accountable.

Last year I wanted to have plate racks built for the dining room and despite it taking 7 months, it happened.

 The racks make so much difference in the dining room

 and I have fun styling them in different colors throughout the year.

Another goal was to make new covers for the chaises in the garden - this fabric wore thin from the sun.

Just like the old covers, the new covers were made from an old duvet and cost me nothing.

They are so easy to make that I ended up making a second set in plain white to use for the patriotic holidays.

About 8 years ago we had the front porch covered in stone and for several years repeating the stone on the back porch has been on my list of goals.

As you can see, it hasn't happened - maybe this is the year.

So what's up for 2018?

A new window seat cushion cover to replace the red and blue striped one I made in 2013.

I made this cover out of an old quilt, but I only had enough fabric to velcro it on and it was always slipping.

The fabrics in this stack of pillows shared on Instagram by pure_michigan_gal is my inspiration and I just need to make the time for the hunt.

I love the old door in our guest room and have fun changing it with the seasons or holidays,

but when I saw this picture on Instagram from Dreamy Whites Lifestyle, I decided I wanted to paint the other side a color so I can switch them around.

I'm torn between Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Louis Blue or Provence - I think Provence will win out because I actually have a sampler can of it on hand.

Also on my list is fixing this "fail".

I absolutely loved this little table in green and yellow, but didn't like the colors in our bedroom and so I painted it.

I actually painted over the white right away, but it doesn't have the pizazz that the two tone table had.

These are the colors of the bed pillows now so I think I'll leave the legs blue and use teal or aqua for the drawer, table top and shelf.

How about you, is there a list waiting to be checked off?

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